Nichols Hills of Oklahoma City is a shopping and residential area. It is lined with chic boutiques, Classen Curve Mall, Bars, fitness studios, and restaurants. The neighborhood is lined with greenery, jogging trails, Grand Boulevard lined with trees, and Golf clubs.

Living in Nichols Hills, OK

Nichols Hills is considered the best locations to reside in Oklahoma. It gives you a rural feel when living here. The city is full of parks and restaurants.

Rental prices of Nichols Hills, OK

At present, the average rent is about 1995 dollars for a two-bed apartment. It is seen there’s been a 43 percent decline in the rental prices as compared to the earlier year. The median rent is about 1505 dollars in Nichols Hills, OK.

Below are the range and average costs of one, two, and three-bed apartments in Nichols Hills, OK:


  • Price ranges:from 475 dollars-2386 dollars
  • Average price- 845 dollars


  • Price ranges:from 575 dollars-2754 dollars
  • Average price-931 dollars


  • Price ranges:from 750 dollars-5725 dollars
  • Average price-1353 dollars

Some Factors to be Considered When Renting an Apartment

When you are looking for a rented apartment, or shift out of your parent’s or a friend’s house to live independently, get your priorities planned out right. This will avoid future hassles, save time and money. Proper planning will land you to the right apartment and right location.

Some factors to be considered are:

Reduce the commute- If you have an awesome apartment, but have not time to enjoy living in it due to commuting distance, then it is not worth the rent. Map the closest routes to primary points of work, school, and everyday needs. Grocery stores, primary medical care, a small café, parks, and other minimal requirements should be at a feasible distance when moving into an apartment. Minimize your travel time to save time and money.

Consider the laundry situation- If your laundry is way off the apartment community, it’s not time efficient. This is a weekly or daily need for the majority. Consider the nearest laundromat or an apartment with a community laundry point.

Check out a safe neighborhood- You and your family’s safety is of utmost importance. Your sleep during the night should be a peaceful one. Do gather reviews of the apartment and its neighborhood.

Utilities- An apartment in your range of budget should include utilities in a feasible range. An enquiry about the inclusion or the variations of the monthly utilities should be made beforehand to avoid the overloading of expenses.

Air and Heating Units- Check out the heating and cooling units to be in proper operation before getting an apartment. In summer and winter, they play a significant role and should be reliable.

Apartment amenities- Check out the apartment amenities and services offered as a community and as an individual rental. Know what is necessary for you and what are included.

Other factors-

  • Knowing hidden costs
  • Deposits and refund policies
  • Know and interact with your landlord
  • Parking availability
  • Pet included
  • Decoration permitted or not
  • Other documentations and terms


Nichols Hills in Oklahoma is an excellent place to rent an apartment in Nichols Hills. With proper segregation of priorities and planning, a suitable apartment will fall in line for you. Check out the best feasible prices within your budget. Get a unique residence experience at Nichols Hills in Oklahoma in the best suitable apartments.

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