When summer comes around and the sky is beating down, there’s nothing better than inviting friends over for a few drinks and a BBQ. If you entertain regularly, you might have reached the point where the BBQ is always in the way and it’s an inefficient way of doing things…which has brought you here. Over the years, we’ve seen some unbelievable outdoor BBQ pits, and we want to share some ideas with you today!

BBQ Pits

Above Ground vs In-Ground vs Built-In

Firstly, you need to decide where the fire pit will go. While some choose to build above ground, others almost create a well in-ground. However, more recently, we’ve even seen whole structures that are integrated into the porch area or somewhere else in the garden. Which should you choose? Well, it all depends on the space you have available as well as your budget and preferences.

If you go above ground, it’s a safe way to go because there’s a barrier between guests and fire (especially when children and pets are involved). On the other hand, it can be difficult to maintain the grass around an above-ground outdoor BBQ pit. If you dig into the ground, it has a sleeker appearance and doesn’t intrude too much. Sometimes, an above-ground pit can make the garden look smaller. Of course, the danger of having the BBQ pit in the ground is that somebody could easily slip and fall. When not in use, it’s wise to use some form of protective cover to prevent accidents.

Table Service

One of our favorite ideas that we’ve seen recently is building the BBQ into the outdoor table. It may sound strange, but it also makes for a fun DIY project. Choose a large table and place a large grill/BBQ pit in the middle. Suddenly, the stress isn’t just on the host because everybody at the table can keep an eye on the food and get excited while it cooks.

If you choose this option, one of the most important aspects to consider is location. The last thing you want is smoke blowing in the face of a guest all night. Perhaps you can build onto a wall and leave the smoke side clear?

Makeshift BBQ Pit

Over the years, we’ve seen all sorts turned into a BBQ pit, and you can do the same. For example, one idea is to use a metal basin for the pit and then a pole and pulley system for the cooking surface. The great thing with this idea is that you remove the grate from the pulley system and have a fire for everyone to sit around when the food is done.

Forest/Wood BBQ Pit

If you have some space to give, clear a whole area around the potential pit and fill it with sand or wood chips. You could even use some logs for seating, and you get almost a camping experience in your own backyard.

Fire Glass

Don’t want a traditional BBQ pit? We have the answer because you can now buy magical, colorful fire glass. With these small stones, nobody will be able to peel their eyes away from the wonderful display of color. Depending on the color, you could even look like a wizard as you cook dinner.

Other Ideas

To finish, here are some more quick-fire ideas for your outdoor BBQ pit:

  • Stone walkway to the pit
  • Brick furniture
  • Tiered design for different purposes
  • Built-in storage areas
  • Flamed torches for the surrounding area